On November 12th 2011, FC Dinamo Bucharest will be playing in a friendly match against Moldovan champions Dacia Chisinau. Its promises to be a fascinating match, with the champions of Romania battling it out with the champions and leaders of the Moldovan league. The match is to commemorate the 12 anniversary of Dacia being founded.

A club spokesman for Chisinau said that it was an honour for Dinamo to play in the match. "For us it is an honor to host one of the best rated teams from Romania, a historic club across the whole of Europe, and it should be a real feast of football for all lovers of the sport."

"The clubs might be different ages, but alreay you can see the similarities between Dacia and Dinamo - we have both grown in recent years to dominate the league in our own countries.

"We hope that the friendly match will be the start of a great period in the history of Dacia, and we can mirror the fantastic achievements made by Dinamo in their 60 year history."