Communication Strategy Help in Boosting Women's Football in Moldavian

UEFA has taken the initiative and it is issuing a guide of strategic communications guide for helping national associations all over Europe for promoting women's football as well to convey messages with the aim to attract more women and girls to get in this game. Women's football has huge popularity in Europe and it is flourishing all over Europe, moreover, it is the line to drive to foster the game of women's. UEFA is currently helping its 55 association members to develop innovative and creative fresh

UEFA has issued this strategic communications guide for helping the associations to establish communications initiatives and plans that promote the game and at the same time also boost awareness as well as the interest of women in the women's football. This is a very thoughtful project and it is coming under UEFA GROW program, this program offers important support to the national associations in a number of areas for helping to nurture football across Europe.

“The guide gives the leagues, associations and clubs a comprehensive advice on how to maintain and create an effective plan for communications by identifying objectives“, profiling a target audience, defining a strategic approach, developing key messages, “establishing ways of measuring“ the success of the plan and creating visual and editorial styles.

There are Case Studies

Case studies from clubs, individuals and national associations are inculcated in the guide. The case studies presented here show how an effective communication along with and proactive steps can reach to a wide number of audiences as well as specific target groups. The guide has case studies in details and has covered every aspect to clearly explain its intent behind its program as well as its outcome. One can read the case study in the guide book.