Croatia to face Moldova as they step up their preparation for the Euros

Moldova will be playing Croatia in a friendly match on May 27 as the Croatia team look to intensify their preparation for the Euros. Moldova, who is not qualified for the Euros, will want to use this opportunity to assess themselves against one of the better teams on the continent.

Croatia head coach Čačić has stated that he has selected the best players available at the moment and hope that they will be able to perform at their best level. He added that he has only selected players that have been consistent with their clubs throughout the season and that they are not going there as tourists. He said that the players should be prepared to fight for their country and that they should give everything they can in France.

Croatia has been on a training camp in Zagreb since the 20th of May, and they will relocate to Sv. Martin na Muri where they will be preparing the match against Moldova.

Cacic has stated that it is not going to be easy in France where they have been drawn in the Group D together with Turkey, Spain, and the Czech Republic. He said that the game against Moldova will just be a test during their preparation phase and that they should expect to play more challenging opponents in France.

In their last game, Moldova only managed a draw against Malta, but they did manage to create a few occasions here and there. They will want to use the match against Croatia to prepare their World Cup qualifying campaigns that will start just after the Euro 2016 tournaments. The Moldovian federation is keen to improve their football level and has been given the Moldova team more resources in order to improve their game.