FC Zimbru Chisinau Rise Again

Moldovan football once again witnessed the rise of FC Zimbru Chisinau after the team lifted the Moldovan cup. Regarded as one of the strongest teams from Moldova, FC Zimbru Chisinau have been unsuccessful with comes to major competitions since 2000. They have a total of eight national titles to their name, but the last of them came in 2000. As a result, they have been slowly slipping down the radar, but manager Oleg Kubarev helped the club get back on the map by leading it to their first major title after several years.

Tiraspol giants were defeated 3-1 in the final of the competition. After this victory, Zimbru chairman Nicolae Ciornai came out in praise of the players by saying that this team has written itself in the history books with this amazing performance. During the days of the Soviet Union, FC Zimbru Chisinau remain as the only club to have featured in the Soviet top division. Their last victory came in 2007. In order to achieve success, the club has been ruthless in its approach to managers. Since the end of the 2012-13 season, there have been five managerial changes. It was yet another managerial change that brought in Oleg Kubarev.

He was brought in after a very poor start to the campaign. "You did a huge thing. At last we have won the cup and made our many fans happy. You wrote a glorious page in our history and I am grateful to you. You have been a proper team, real men. That is the only way to be successful," said the club president. "With his arrival, we became more disciplined. There are lots of tactical sessions. We analyse every match down to the bone. The coach does not allow us to relax,” said the club’s midfielder, Anatoli Cheptine.