A Friendly Match Between Moldova And Malta Comes To A Draw

The Moldavian football team had a recent friendly match with Malta which ended in a draw with no goals scored.

It was a drab match indeed and fans are hoping that the next round of friendly matches will have some more excitement in them. Malta has been committed to play a couple of friendly matches in 2016. This match was one of the matches which have been planned. The start was indeed a low key one.

For those who came to see the match, the chances to score were less. The Maltese team showed signs of a slow start. They set out with a formation of 5-3-2 and they struggled to put up attacks. In most cases, they lost the ball frequently in the midfield that turned out to be their weakest position.

Malta performed their defensive stance better. This would surely have pleased their coach. The goalkeeper of the team, Henry Bonello kept up a good game while he had a strong wall of support in front of Andrei Agius. However, the team was not able to sustain the pressure when they were cornered by the other team. As a result, the game failed to gain any momentum.

Those who played well with Malta’s team included goal keeper Bonello who maintained a positive form. He started the game well. In Moldova’s team was Alexandru Antoniuc who tried a wide dribble from Eugeniu Sidorenco when the game had been on for twenty minutes. In other instances, the attacks by Moldova in Malta were low key. There was a clash between Alexandru and Effiong which led to both being booked. This lifted some boredom of the otherwise slow moving game

However, it is definitely a start for the Malta team and there is sure to be improvements in the future performances.