Thierry Henry spent most of his playing career with the Arsenal jersey as he became a legend for the English club.

The majority of his personal accolades and awards were given to him because of his performances with Arsenal, the Frenchman is even considered to be the best player to join the club which is why even a statue was made in his honor.

Now playing for the New York Red Bulls, he still remains being a top notch player and he will be facing off against his former club Arsenal on a friendly match which is scheduled to take place on July 26 as part of the Premier League club’s maiden tour of the United States, when the USA will be full of Arsenal and liverpool tshirt wearing fans!

The 36 years old Frenchman expressed that it will feel weird for him to play against the club he used to perform in even though it’s only going to be a friendly encounter.

"It'll be weird. It'll be weird. I know it's a friendly game, I know it's this, I know it's that. It's going to be weird for me. Whenever I have to face Arsenal, it's a weird one. I've had to do it once with Barcelona, we went to play the Emirates Cup in London and now they are coming here. So, it will be kind of weird, especially when you know that our fans are going to be there but I won't be mad if people come here only to see Arsenal’’.

"It's a team that you don't see often, but it's going to be weird obviously. I see that jersey and I'm not wearing it, it feels weird." Henry revealed.
Henry also said that when he heard the news about Arsenal deciding to tour the USA, he got excited as this will give him a chance to meet up with some of his colleagues.