Increase your success at sports betting

There are three types of sports betters; those that do it in support of their favourite player or club, those that do it just for fun, and those who do it to make money - in other words professional sports betters.

First we will consider the fortunes of those who bet on their favourite clubs, and we will consider the Premier league. If you had bet on Manchester United to win every game, then you would have done very well. At the date of writing the club had won 24 games, lost 2 and drawn 3.

But going down the league table, only Manchester City, and Spurs have won more games than they have either lost and drawn, and Spurs by only one. So unless you are a City or United fan, then betting on your club to win is a losing strategy.

Professional sports betters, and those who are looking to make regular money, never bet on their favourite clubs. The look for value bets which give them the edge over the bookmakers. Bookmakers are very skilled in setting odds, and some of the big organisations employ skilled mathematicians and actuaries to help them do so, thus beating them is not easy; however it is possible. It takes a lot of work and a lot of research, but that is where the skill comes in.

The third category is those who bet just for fun. This is the same as playing any gambling game at an online casino such as, for what they tend to do is to play their hunches. Just as a roulette player might feel it in his bones that the next spin will be an even number, a fun football better will just feel that say Reading will beat Southampton.

There is nothing wrong with playing like this; you will win some and lose some, and some people seem to be naturally lucky so they end up winning more often than they lose. But if you want to win on a regular basis, you need to put in some hard work, but then nothing that is worthwhile is easy.