Football in Moldova is set to reach new heights after an Eastern European League plan was unveiled in Sofia. This plan will be improving the financial options for the various clubs in the region.

One of the main reasons for the financial distress faced by the clubs in this region is the inability to take part in the Champions League group stages. The formation of the Eastern European League will go a large way into solving the financial problems faced by the football in Moldova. Some of the better-known clubs in this region include the likes of CSKA Sofia, CSKA, Levski, Red Star, and Partizan.

The voluntary association will be formed soon enough and it will be under the regulations imposed by the European body UEFA. It seems that a number of sponsors have been showing interest in the new League that would be set up as a result of it. It seems that the Eastern European League will be a direct competitor to the Champions League and the Europa League, although it will be giving priority to these competitions first and foremost. However, the Eastern European League will be a suitable alternative for clubs, who find it difficult to make it into the elite European competitions on a regular basis, which would provide them with huge amounts of income.

The President of CSKA Sofia, Dimitar Borisov said," We have repeatedly discussed the situation and problems in the region and it's widely recognised that Eastern European football is increasingly lagging behind football in Central and Western Europe. Therefore, our clubs' access to the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League is very difficult."

Clubs eliminated from the Champions League and the Europa League will be joining in the Eastern European League after the turn of the year.