Moldova Resume Training under Engin Firat’s Supervision

After more than two months of inactivity, football has once again resumed in the country of Moldova. This has been started by the national team returning to training under the management of Engin Firat. All players had to undergo a coronavirus test before being allowed to participate in the training. This has been done to ensure that there is no spread of the virus, which has proved to be not immune for sportspersons, as a number of Premier League and Bundesliga players have acquired the virus in this last two months. The training for Moldova is very crucial, as they will get to know the manager much better.

After being appointed in October, Engin Firat has been in charge of just one game, which was a 1-0 loss against Sweden. Before the new manager syndrome wears off, Moldova have to start picking up results and build some confidence.

The nation is certainly not expecting to be part of the World Cup or European Championship competitions any time soon, but a lot of team spirit is essential to make progress. The national team has acquired special permission so that they are able to discuss tactics and do training as a group. The permission is also essential to make sure that physical recovery of individuals is assisted.

After cancellation of all the friendly matches for the team, Engin Firat will now focus on making sure that the Moldavian national team are prepared for the upcoming games against Kosovo and Slovenia. Meanwhile, Turkey have also been involved in a lot of the tactical process, as a partnership with the two teams has made it sure that technical data would be the key part of the agenda. Moldova have been slowly increasing in quality when it comes to their football and the lockdown gives ample time to focus on mistakes.