Croatia to face Moldova as they step up their preparation for the Euros


Moldova will be playing Croatia in a friendly match on May 27 as the Croatia team look to intensify their preparation for the Euros. Moldova, who is not qualified for the Euros, will want to use this opportunity to assess themselves against one of the better teams on the continent.

Croatia head coach Čačić has stated that he has selected the best players available at the moment and hope that they will be able to perform at their best level. He added that he has only selected players that have been consistent with their clubs throughout the season and that they are not going there as tourists. He said that the players should be prepared to fight for their country and that they should give everything they can in France.
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Moldava is set to play visitors in an international friendly football game with hosts Switzerland on Friday.

The hosts are believed to want to use the game to round up their Euro 2016 Finals preparations with a victory in front of their home support.

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Moldova held by Malta in a goalless draw


Moldova was held by Malta in a goalless draw which served as a preparation for the World Cup qualifiers.

Both coaches sent their best starting eleven on the pitch, but the football level failed to reach any sort of standard.

Both teams were content to play the ball in midfield without showing any urgency in attack. Apart from two rare occasions by Malta, there were not a lot of occasions.

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A Friendly Match Between Moldova And Malta Comes To A Draw


The Moldavian football team had a recent friendly match with Malta which ended in a draw with no goals scored.

It was a drab match indeed and fans are hoping that the next round of friendly matches will have some more excitement in them. Malta has been committed to play a couple of friendly matches in 2016. This match was one of the matches which have been planned. The start was indeed a low key one.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has scored his 28th goal in La Liga in Real Madrid’s 4-0 win over Sevilla on Sunday. The Portuguese striker scored in the 64th minute thanks to a Danilo cross.

This means that Cristiano Ronaldo has now scored six more goals than his Argentinian rival in the Spanish League.

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Spain face Bosnia and South Korea before Euro 2016


Spain, the reigning 2-time European champs, would warm-up for the 2016 Euro by playing against Bosnia on 29th May, in Switzerland and against South Korea on 1st June, in Austria, said the Spanish football federation earlier on Thursday.


The champs would also play another game against a 3rd nation which is yet not decided, stated the Spanish federation.

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Barcelona’s Luis Enrique wants to take a 1 year long break


Luis Enrique has had a spectacular managerial start as the head coach of Barcelona.

The Spanish tactician was able to win the treble during his first year in charge of Barcelona and the team continues to break records as well as win trophies. He has proven to be a true successor to the legacy that was left behind by Pep Guardiola.

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Sebastiao Lazaroni knows a thing or two about the Brazilian national team


Sebastiao Lazaroni knows a thing or two about the Brazilian national team after having coached them during the 1990 World Cup.

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Lionel Messi reckons that he can better his own efforts


Argentina superstar Lionel Messi reckons that he can better his own efforts at the World Cup 2014 during the Copa America 2015.

The Barcelona star almost single-handedly helped Argentina win the World Cup for the first time in almost 30 years. However, he could not prevent a 1-0 defeat to Germany in the final. Up until that point, Messi had been brilliant without exception. For a player who has won every possible trophy at club level, the lack of a World Cup or Copa America medal is certainly a disappointing aspect.

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Finishing in 2nd place is not enough for Manchester City


This recently concluded season of the Premier League concluded with Chelsea taking the title as they became the champions of England in a very impressive fashion with the team of Jose Mourinho only losing 3 matches.

Manchester City came in 2nd place and Arsenal snatched the 3rd spot.

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